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The best solution for small rural customers.

Following significant requests from rural customers too small for our services we now have a great alternative for you. Professionally designed and constructed systems delivered directly to your site ready for interconnection by your electrician or ours.

SolarBox and PowerStation are 6 kW modular systems that will provide a minimum of 200,000 kWh of generation during the module’s performance warranty for a cost well below market price. PowerStation is a ground mount and SolarBox is a 12’x30’ solar equipped shed. A wide range of energy options such as energy storage, EV charging, lighting, security systems and more are also available.

Our systems can be delivered completely assembled, inspected and tested. The technology is the best you can buy and is optimized for the lowest possible life cycle cost of generation. And every system is code compliant anywhere in North America!

Place your order with a small deposit, visit our site to see your completely assembled system, see it in operation, obtain your operator training and interconnection documents, pay for your system in full, and we’ll typically deliver the system to your site within three working days.

We don’t have any competition here. Now you have no reason to delay. Join the energy revolution. Call us to get started today!

Your Cost with Powerstation

Generate your own electricity for less with PowerStation

If you have a small business then you know that the government does not make it easy for you. And what ever happened to we’ll be able to file our taxes on a post card? I asked our accountant to do that this year. I’m still waiting. But here is some good news.

Our 6 kW PowerStation generates more electricity, at a lower lifetime operating cost than any rooftop solar energy system. It is installed in less than one day. Your cost of generation at a site with 1,500 kWh/kWp annual generation potential will be less than $0.08 per kWh forever.

With a cost of less $19,500 including tax, and a lifetime generation of 245,220 kWh you’ll generate electricity for $0.08 per kWh before operating and maintenance costs. You’ll get a tax credit for $5,850 in less than 1 year, you’ll depreciate the system at an accelerated 5 year rate to shelter business income, and your cost of operation and maintenance will be less than $0.02 per kWh.

All future inspections and maintenance can be done by standing on the ground at eye level. No ladders or fall protection will be required. Repairs, if required, can be done by a single person who arrives in an electric car. Not a van loaded with gear with an electrician and a helper. And better yet. . . No roof leaks. Ever!

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