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Produce electricity for less than any other form of on-site generation.

Our systems produce electricity for self consumption for less than any other form of on-site generation. There are no moving parts. The operating and maintenance costs are lower than any other form of on-site electricity generation. These are the safest electricity generation systems. And equally important, our systems are designed so our customers can easily monitor, troubleshoot and manage the maintenance of their own systems.

Get Started Today. You'll be working with professionals who have designed, installed and operate solar energy systems in both the US and Canada. We are not a sales agency or lead generator for other companies. Whether your plans include a small net-metered system for your hobby farm or a much larger agricultural, commercial or industrial project we'll provide a site assessment and get your project started quickly and professionally. We will not advise you to proceed with your project unless it is clear from our assessment that you will substantially reduce your cost of energy or achieve an above market rate of return for your investment.

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