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We know from decades of experience that the solar inverter manual is no substitute for professional energy system design. Your objectives are best addressed prior to construction. Any changes performed after construction commences can only increase the cost of your project. It is during the design phase that we create the best solution for your site, prepare the permit and construction drawings and the bill of materials. Without these documents and drawings it is impossible to obtain an accurate estimate. Solar or electrical contractors that submit estimates without permit and construction drawings will heavily pad their costs to cover the potential for unforeseen costs.

With our development process all of our customers receive the same level of service that our large corporate clients receive. Project costs are lower. Much lower. Quality is higher. And performance is improved throughout your system’s warranted life cycle.

The single line diagram to the right is for a non-demand 50,000 kWh/year rural client with multiple load centers, a new net-metering PV system with export control capability, and a whole site fossil fuel back-up generator. The PV system is the primary source of the customer’s electricity and the utility and customer fossil fuel generator (existing) provide back-up power. This customer is very close to energy independence.

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