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Life cycle cost divided by life cycle generation.

We frequently receive calls to provide quotes based on system capacity. Let us save you some time. The cost of commercial systems installed throughout the US is published at least annually. We have detailed cost information for thousands of projects of all types and system capacities. The orange line in the table to the right plots the average cost of systems in $/watt (y-axis) versus system capacity in kW (x-axis). The number of 2017 projects analyzed in each capacity range is illustrated by the blue bars. We specialize in systems with a capacity of 20 kW and over. Our costs are typically 15% under market which vary from approximately $3.00 per watt for small systems to $2.00 per watt for larger systems. And most recently with our PowerStation solution we can provide 6 kW solutions at the same price point as our 20 kW systems.

What you should be asking is how much energy will my system deliver and what is the total cost throughout the life of our system? Here’s a simple way to forecast the cost per kWh for your proposed system.

  1. Obtain a warranty for the energy generated by your system in the first year of operation (first year kWh).
  2. Forecast the life cycle generation based on the warranted first year generation and apply the performance warranty of the solar modules (kWh during warranty period).
  3. Divide the proposed project cost by the life cycle generation to obtain the forecast cost of generation before operating, maintenance and debt service costs.
  4. Add $0.01/kWh for readily accessible systems without any moving parts (fixed ground mounts), $0.02/kWh for rooftop systems, and $0.03/kWh for tracking systems.
  5. And finally add your cost of debt service (the interest you will pay less any available interest related tax benefits).
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