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If you live in Florida and you use electricity then you’ve enjoyed some of the lowest cost electricity in the country for many years. That is now changing. You may have noticed in the last couple of years that your electricity costs increased 4% or more. And your rates are forecast to escalate even faster as fossil fuel costs rise, energy companies merge, and consolidations throughout the industry reduce competition.

The largest utility in the country charges small users in Florida (1,200 kWh per month) over $0.13 per kWh. And at the forecast escalation rate you will be paying at least double, maybe triple that rate during the warranted life of any of our solar systems.

With solar you can self generate you own electricity for less than ½ of what you will pay your utility. Some of our customers generate electricity for $0.08 per kWh or less. And their costs will never increase. Ever!

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