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Delivering the Future of Energy Today

State of the art technology far beyond electricity generation.

We can help regardless of whether you are looking to maximize self consumption, net-meter, control export, improve power quality or reliability, develop an off-grid solution for remote power, or a hybrid solution with multiple generation sources including solar and natural gas powered prime movers.

Our systems include:

  • Module level power management and reporting - maximizes your system energy output in a variety of site conditions
  • High VDC rated and listed systems - reduces the cost of above and below ground conduit and electrical conductors
  • Standardized components from the leading global suppliers - reduces the cost of installation and maintenance
  • Tier One Suppliers - ensures your system will be reliable and warranted throughout the life cycle of your system
  • Transformerless technology - reduces system cost and improves system efficiency and reliability
  • NEC and CEC code compliant systems - to ensure system compliance and safety to the highest standards
  • Professional design - ensures system component compatibility, low equipment and labor cost, and high energy output
  • Readily scalable to ensure costs are leveraged down with each expansion - electricity costs reduced with each expansion
  • Upgradeable to include short or long term storage - for time of use arbitrage and essential loads battery back-up
  • Demand response, self consumption maximization, whole site fossil fuel back-up, brown-out ride though, and other
  • Relocation - all of our PowerStation system solutions can be relocated cost effectively at any time
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