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There has never been a better time to invest in solar!

We specialize in the development, engineering, procurement, and installation of advanced solar energy and energy storage systems in both the US and Canada. Our customers have peak electricity demands of 20 kW or higher and a minimum annual electricity consumption of 50,000 kWh’s.

Our goal for each project is to reduce the business’s future cost of energy, while increasing quality and reliability. This goal can only be accomplished by deploying high performance technology from the leading global manufacturers.

Our roots are in agricultural, commercial and industrial business operations. If you engage the Solar Professionals you can expect the following.

  • Electricity costs over the lifetime of your system will be lower.
  • Your business will have increased its net worth and cash flow.
  • Should you decide to sell your business in the future it will sell faster.
  • You will have reduced polluting emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Your business will have back-up emergency power for essential loads
  • You will have reduced our country’s dependence on foreign energy.
  • And we can design your system so you can take it with you if you relocate.
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